The Intersection of AI and Global Commerce

Global Trade Platform

Global Analytics

Mamenta Analytics makes global analysis faster and your life easier. A brand or retailer can access deep insights into their sales and performance metrics via real-time analytics.

Global Catalog

Utilizing Natural Language Processing (NLP) Mamenta learns how a brand’s products should be represented across all marketplaces, ensuring a global standard and peak organic ranking.

Global Logistics

Mamenta’s platform gives brands a single access point to Move Product globally, without the need to manage multiple distributor relationships.

Global Inventory

Bring your product closer to your end consumer. Utilize the Mamenta global infrastructure to immediately expand your reach.

Global Profile

Mamenta builds a comprehensive Global Profile of your customers. We track across multiple devices and marketplaces providing unmatched profile data on consumers in the emerging and distant markets.

Global Sentiment

Mamenta’s platform provides a window into the world’s opinion and sentiment surrounding a brand.

Global Segment

Build dynamic global customer segments based on data.  As your customer data changes your segments update.

Global Lifetime Value

Retention reports tell you the frequency of your transactions. Mamenta provides you with a true global view of each customer’s value, now and in the future.

Hello Human

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