Know. Own. Grow.

We Automate The Hard Things First So You Don't Have To

Dedicated Team

Mamenta provides you with a team of cross-border commerce professionals with the experience to maximize revenue on a global scale.

Global Marketing

How global consumers like to be messaged can be very nuanced from region to region and country to country. Mamenta is here to help.

Data Preparation

Custom text classification algorithms built using OpenNLP and ElasticSearch are used to reduce headcount and organize global data.

Global Payments

Mamenta understands currencies and payment types on a global scale making it easy for you to transact and collect.

Global Logistics

Multi-carrier options provide flexible and low cost shipping rates. Ship product cross-border or pull from local in-country inventory.

Brand Shop Build

Tell your brand story on a global scale. Create brand shops with relevant local language and appropriate local imagery.

Unleash Your Global Potential

Every brand is different and we understand that.
Digitally customize your product offerings per region to best match individual consumer bases.